Week 1 – Welcome Back!

Monday blues… all because we started off our brand new semester with Engineering & Design. But, it was great to see everyone back in class! Before our lesson started, we were given a piece of A3 sized-paper as shown below:

We had to list out a few things that each individual was awesome at & pledge it with our life that we will contribute to the group in accordance to what we stated.

Through this activity, we got to know more about one another:

Hwee Peng is a bubbly girl and is awesome @ being a happy girl, design, art and organising her work!

Ajay is a smart and charismatic guy and is awesome @ programming, mathematics and smiling!

Thomas is husband material and is awesome @ housekeeping, frying eggs (cooking?), typing (can do reports etc.) and Inventor!

Ryan is a cool guy and is awesome @ acting cool, photography and AutoCAD.

In terms of our strengths and weaknesses, we are roughly aware of them as we have been classmates for the past two semesters. We will learn from one another’s strengths and support one another in times of difficulty. Our teamwork really shone in the activity for the day – data acquisition.

Each group was assigned a sensor to calibrate and had to design a circuit to produce the wanted output/result. We were given a liquid level sensor. Initially, we faced a problem in wiring the LCD screen. We checked the wiring and even rewired it about 5 times to no avail. Thankfully, our lecturer, Ms Rubaina, came forward to troubleshoot for us. We were so careless that we had missed out one of the wiring in the connection as we had overlooked a very tiny indication in the circuit diagram. After that, we connected the liquid level sensor and calibrated it to ensure the LCD screen printed out the accurate and correct readings for the following week’s experiment.

Our team enjoyed this experiment a lot as it helped us to refresh our memory on a lot of things that we did last semester such as Arduino programming, plotting graphs in Excel, as well as learning how to calibrate the sensor and design a new circuit by adding an indicating buzzer so that it will sound off when the water level exceeds 4 inches.

A possible application for this would be for cities which are prone to floods. When the water level reaches a certain height, an alarm sounds off to alert the authorities that the region might be facing an incoming flood and to evacuate the residents as soon as possible. Another application would be for monitoring purposes in rivers or lakes. The water level could be a useful statistic in observing how the environment changes with time.

“I feel that my team has shown great teamwork and I have learnt a lot from Ajay during the experiment. Although Thomas had to support the sensor connection with his hand to ensure that the connection was not bent, he was very patient and persevered till the end of the experiment. Ryan was always ready to assist everyone in the team and while the rest were busying conducting the experiment, he worked on the remaining portions of the activity sheet. This helped the team to work much faster and be more efficient.” 

Tan Hwee Peng


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