Week 12 – Assembling the vessel!

After we made the containers, fit the pipes tightly together, finished 3D printing all the pipe brackets, we were ready to assemble the vessel!




Assembling the vessel was rather simple as we just had to screw in M4 screws with M4 washers and M4 nuts. We did not face any alignment problems as we designed the acrylic as per the actual dimensions of the pipe system. Hence, the acrylic pieces fit very snugly into one another, and the brackets were a perfect fit as well.


We realized a flaw in our structural integrity as the centre of the top acrylic piece had no supports and hence could bend easily. As the weight of the top acrylic piece was only acting on the thin 3mm yellow walls, a lot of the top piece was left unsupported and hence not as sturdy as we intended it to be. Aesthetics wise, we felt that the boat had lots of colour and looked very appealing due to how bright and outstanding it is.


The next thing we did was to test it out at the swimming pool near Foodcourt 5!

We first tested out Imp Bot without the containers on it, to see if it floats on its own in the first place. It did float, but water got into the pipes as we hadn’t sealed it off completely, which was okay. Next, we placed the containers on it and tested it out.

As you can see in the video above, Imp Bot tilts slightly. Although this is not an accurate representation of the placement of the containers, the important thing we observed is how much it tilts after a slight amount of pressure is applied on the side of the vessel. We would need to improve on its buoyancy by lowering its metacentric height to make it more stable and prevent it from rolling over easily.

All in all, we are very satisfied with our progress thus far and are prepared well for the technical review in a few days’ time! 🙂



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