Week 13 – Starting from the ground up

First thing we had to do was to call up Sun Hee Hardware Store to order more aluminium brackets as the workshop had run out of them. After collecting them, we could get down to the dirty work.

IMG_20160125_090327_HDR IMG_20160131_134727_HDR IMG_20160121_110937_HDR IMG_20160121_112749_HDR IMG_20160122_151611_HDR IMG_20160122_151719_HDR

We had to measure out the brackets very accurately and ensure that our alignment was very precise as well. We worked our way up from the base of the frame to the sides of the frame to the top of the frame. By having a systematic flow, we ensured that the holes were properly marked out and would be aligned during the assembly process. We split up the work such that we could saw the brackets, mill them, mark out the holes, drill the holes, and repeat the process for every side of the frame. By splitting up the work, we were able to get the frame up and ready in a very timely manner.

With the current design, the only piece of acrylic we would be using is a mount for the electronics box.


The toughest part was finding the time to be in the workshop to fabricate the parts as we all had our own commitments such as CCAs and our lessons. We sacrificed a lot of our free time to work on the project, but we had lots of fun in the workshop fabricating the parts, which in hindsight, we would have missed out on if we simply made the frame out of acrylic. Manual work is never easy, and requires lots of concentration and precision. Even the smallest mistakes can snowball into very large errors, especially when it comes to the assembly stage.

Thomas Wong


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