Week 17 – Calibration and Videography

The final week has arrived!

With one final major component left of calibrating the coiling up and down of the containers, we are well on track to complete the project on time.

First, we had to locate the position to secure the bicycle brakes. Once they were secured at the correct position, we had to calibrate the time taken for the container servos to lower down and raise the containers. As the timing would be hardcoded into the Arduino application, it had to be as precise as we could get it to be. On hindsight, to make the system perfect, we would have used limit switches to detect the position of the container, simplifying the overall process.

IMG-20160212-WA0006 IMG_20160211_093244_HDR

It was quite a daunting task as we had to raise it up to 2 metres above ground while I actively changed the code and experimented around with setting different durations for the motor’s rotation. We had to elevate the boat on the stairs railings and even went downstairs to perch it on a railing in front of the auditorium. It was quite a comical sight! Eventually we calibrated it close enough to what we needed it to be.DSC_3864 DSC_3857 DSC_3866 DSC_3881

On Friday, Hwee Peng and I spent 3 hours at the poolside calibrating it while it was on water as Ryan and Thomas had classes on during the time. Thankfully it didn’t rain but the sun was scorching hot and we were baking in the heat. But fret not – we came out victorious after we successfully got the containers working with about an 80% success rate! We also got the motors working well, although it still draws a high current and puts a strain on the transistors, it moves enough!

A wave of satisfaction just washed over us when we managed to get a recording of all of Imp Bot’s functions for the video, and also successfully prepared it for Monday’s demo. The next step was to record ourselves talking about Imp Bot! We booked the photo studio at the main library to record ourselves in there, as it is designed for recording purposes with a white backdrop and appropriate lighting equipment.

IMG_20160212_194135_HDR IMG_20160212_192831_HDR IMG_20160212_192759_HDR

Stay tuned for the video and the conclusion to the Engineering & Design module on Monday!



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