Week 18 – And here the road ends

It is a bittersweet feeling coming to the end of this module. We’ve put in so much hardwork and have had lots of fun along the way, and now it’s all come to an end. 😦

Regardless, we have learnt so much from the module and creating Imp Bot. The power of creation is truly amazing, we have to unshackle our minds from the restraints of our imagination – to go far beyond that. Often a time we’ve had to make improvisations and adjustments because we had lots of constraints – availability of materials and time to name a couple. The irony lies in the fact that we were restricted in what we could do – and that did not call for restricted thinking. In fact, it forced us to think of even more creative solutions to solve problems we faced.

On Monday, the demo day, before our allotted demonstration timeslot, our power wires broke, and we had to dash back to the workshop to prepare new wires. During testing, we also found that some wires were loose and had to replace them. These last minute hindrances forced us to work efficiently to solve the problems on the spot.

On a more positive note, our demonstration went very well! Imp Bot gracefully lowered down the containers and collected water samples without much trouble, and could move around with relative ease!

IMG_4249We would like to thank our lecturers Ms Rubaina and Mr Tune for the immeasurable willingness to help and the amount of support they provided us throughout the semester. We sincerely appreciate Ms Rubaina’s openness in contact – the numerous WhatsApp messages sent to and fro whenever we faced any problems. Her patience and sacrifices went a long way, even taking the time to extend the workshop’s hours and even opening it on Saturday and Sunday for us to work on our project. Not to mention braving the heat and overall stuffiness of the workshop without air-conditioning. Mr Tune’s criticisms and feedback also helped shaped our project. His keen eye for detail coupled together with his expanse of mechanical knowledge aided us a lot in the fabrication process and planning stage.

All good things come to an end. Till we all meet again!



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